Sauteéd mushrooms

These sautéed mushrooms are perfect as a starter, or to share at a tapas lunch or dinner. Simmered with garlic, onion and a splash of wine, they are very low in calories due to their high water content and therefore a very healthy and light starter. Suitable for vegetarians and people who follow slimming diets … and for those who don’t, it’s best to have a good loaf of bread to dip in the sauce.

Available formats

Tray – 330g / Reference: T0015


330 g Tray


Mushrooms 75%, onion, garlic and white wine (SULPHITE).

Nutritional value

                                                                                          Per 100 g

  Energy Kj                                                                             92 kJ

 Energy kcal                                                                       22  kcal

 Fat                                                                                           0.34 g

 of which saturated                                                                 0.2 g

 Carbohydrates                                                                      3.28 g

 of which sugars                                                                    1.65 g

 Protein                                                                                         3 g

 Salt                                                                                          0.01 g  


Pour the contents into a pan, heat and bring to a boil


or microwave for 5 minutes at maximum power. (Container suitable for microwave heating)


Ready to serve