Ready to serve

Chicken in almond sauce and baked potatoes

Garlic chicken with baked potatoes

Pork cheek in oloroso wine sauce and baked potatoes

Sirloin steak in whisky sauce with baked potatoes

Meat stew in tomato sauce with baked potatoes

Sauteéd mushrooms

Chistorras in wine sauce with baked potatoes

Pedro Ximenez chicken churrasco and baked potatoes

Roteña style hake

Tuna smothered in onions

Meatballs in tomato sauce and baked potatoes

Country style beef

Peas with ham

Bbq wings

Spanish ratatouille

Tuna Salad

Spanish tortilla preparation made with extra virgin olive oil

Potatoes and onion omelette preparation

Diced potatoes

Panadera style potatoes


Pour the contents into a pan, heat and bring to a boil


Or microwave for 5 minutes at maximum power. (Container suitable for microwave heating)


Ready to serve