After more than 30 years working in the catering, food and international distribution sectors, we are launching our brand MAMA PEPA®, a challenge with which we want to bring our traditional dishes and recipes to the catering sector, to whom we offer our know-how, high quality products, the value of homemade dishes made without haste and the love of a job well done.

At MAMA PEPA® we prepare our homemade dishes following the most reliable healthy cooking manual in the world: the menus of our families, those of our mothers and grandmothers and the business experience accumulated over the years not only in the catering industry, but also in other related sectors.

Our recipes for traditional cuisine are based on how we feed our own families, because eating healthy, easy and tasty food can be within everyone’s reach.  Seasonal vegetables, prime meats, fresh fish, vegetable stews… All those homemade dishes that you have in your memory and on your palate, but that need time, are what we bring to your business so that you can offer them to your customers.

Mama Pepa

Nutrition, quality and good taste, mum’s food or the unequalled flavour of grandma’s dishes are the premises on which MAMA PEPA® was born.

We have managed to fuse tradition and quality to offer you even new trends combined with the taste of a lifetime, cooking in the traditional way, the traditional homemade food. Without preservatives or additives.

At MAMA PEPA®. we set the time, select the ingredients and prepare them with the care of traditional gastronomy and the technique of our professional kitchen. So that in your business you can offer a homemade and healthy menu, which you can also vary over time according to the season, the tastes of your customers …, or your favourite recipes … because you design and we cook for you and your customers without them knowing who or where it was prepared.


At MAMA PEPA ® we are specialists in the preparation and marketing of 4th and 5th range foods for catering professionals, to whom we provide flexibility, food safety and adaptation to the most demanding market standards, offering a product with great flavour, texture and quality.

Pure Spanish cuisine, a homemade product with all its nuances of flavour and traditional texture, aimed at catering professionals who are looking for solutions adapted to their business and who find in MAMA PEPA® a functional kitchen, open to the development of personalised products, agile and experienced in the preparation of menus or parts of menus following the natural and balanced dietary guidelines recommended by the main official institutions, all prepared and labelled so that the business only has to heat, plate and serve.


The traditional taste

We prepare all our dishes following traditional recipes, with high quality natural ingredients for a healthy, balanced and complete diet, without additives or preservatives.

We bring you the Mediterranean menu that generally accompanies us in the Spanish diet, which guarantees a balanced diet and an unbeatable flavour, designed for your business.

Microwaved or heated in a bain-marie for presentation to your customers… our dishes don’t require you to hire professional chefs. It’s so much easier: open, plate and enjoy.